Life Sciences SME Platform

The IHE has a dedicated Life Sciences SME Platform within the Institute that collaborates with and provides support for SMEs in the life sciences.

The IHE provides services to:

  • educate SMEs and support organizations (e.g., accelerators) on the value and use of health economics to support decisions along the commercialization journey as well as procurement efforts;
  • provide early-stage technology innovators with decision support and insights into the most attractive aspects of their value proposition, when decisions need to be made early in the R&D process (e.g., patient group or condition of initial focus).
  • model the value proposition for market-ready technology in order to prepare the adoption case for new technology and support procurement efforts; and
  • support clinical trial activities and document the economic value of a technology using data captured during trials, in order to support SMEs to prepare complete (clinical and economic) evidence packages for procurement purposes.

The IHE has two programs supported through public sector funding.  The Life Sciences SME Commercialization Program supports Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia-based life sciences companies with promising, market-ready healthcare technology that are seeking procurement in Canada or international markets.  This program is supported in part by funding through the federal government.  The Health Economics Support for SMEs (Alberta Innovates HIPP) is supported in part through funding provided by Alberta Innovates, and supports Alberta-based SMEs (identified by Alberta Innovates and aligned with the Accelerating Innovations into CarE (AICE) funding streams) with economic analysis to support with decisions and evidence development along the commercialization journey.

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