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Using health technology assessment to identify research gaps: an unexploited resource for increasing the value of clinical research.


Abstract: Health technology assessments (HTAs) are an as yet unexploited source of comprehensive, systematically generated information that could be used by research funding agencies to formulate researchable questions that are relevant to decision-makers. We describe a process that was developed for distilling evidence gaps identified in HTAs into researchable questions that a provincial research funding agency can use to inform its research agenda. The challenges of moving forward with this initiative are discussed. Using HTA results to identify research gaps will allow funding agencies to reconcile the different agendas of researchers who conduct clinical trials and healthcare decision-makers, and will likely result in more balanced funding of pragmatic and explanatory trials. This initiative may require a significant cultural shift from the current, mostly reactive, funding environment based on an application-driven, competitive approach to allocating scarce research resources to a more collaborative, contractual one that is proactive, targeted and outcomes-based.

Publication Type: Journal Articles

Year of Publication: 2008

Topics: Other

Authors: Ann Scott, Carmen Moga, Christa Harstall, Jacques Magnan

ISSN: 1715-6572

ISSN (online): 1715-6580

Journal Title: Healthcare Policy

Volume: 3

Issue: 3

Pages: e109-e127