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The State of Health Economics in Alberta: A Review of Need, Capacity, and Action

This work, conducted by the Institute for Health Economics (IHE) and the University of Calgary (Health Economics group), was performed to better understand the unmet educational needs and health economics products that could support people in the province, and to determine the current capacity for conducting health economics in Alberta. This paper seeks to understand the needs of health care decision-makers for health economics knowledge, where health economics education may be needed, what products could meet those needs, and what specific topics should be the main focus for teaching about health economics in the province. It also seeks to determine current capacity for conducting health economics in Alberta.

This report was supported by a financial contribution from Alberta Health through the Health Funding and Economics Capacity (HFEC) Grant, and the Svare Chair in Health Economics, University of Calgary.

Publication Type: Economic Reports

Year of Publication: 2015

Topics: Health Economics / Healthcare Costs

Authors: Braden Manns, Anderson Chuck, Eddy Nason, Lianne Barnieh, John Sproule, Jasmine Brown

ISBN (online): 978-1-926929-60-6