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Protocols For Stillbirth Investigation

Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR) HTA Report #36.

The objective of this report is to identify the most appropriate investigative protocol, or component of a protocol, for determining the cause(s) of stillbirth and to identify protocols that have been recommended by health authorities and professional associations both within Canada and worldwide.

Information Specialist: Liza Chan

NOTE: In 2006 the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research HTA unit moved to IHE. Documents produced in and prior to 2006 have different formats; the format was determined by the agency for which the document was produced.

Publication Type: Health Technology Assessments /
Systematic Reviews

Year of Publication: 2005

Topics: Maternal and Child Health

Authors: Paula Corabian, Ann Scott

ISBN (print): 1-894927-24-9

ISBN (online): 1-894927-25-7

ISSN: 1704-1090

ISSN (online): 1704-1104