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IHE In Your Pocket 2017: A Handbook of Health Economic Statistics

IHE In Your Pocket 2017 – A Handbook of Health Economic Statistics includes the most currently available data, presented in separate sections on the economic burden of illness, health care resources, health behaviours, health status and demographics, and health system performance.

IHE In Your Pocket was designed to provide a compact, comprehensive, and comparative overview of the economic aspects of the Canadian health care system. It was first published in 2006. The 2017 version follows the pattern of the previous, 2014 edition. We use similar categories to those in 2014, including aggregate costs, utilization and cost data for separate sectors or provider groups, population indicators, and system-wide performance indicators. All data sources are referenced.

In the present version we have expanded some components, notably pharmaceuticals and long-term care, where new data has become available. We provide data comparing provinces and countries that have similar levels of economic development to Canada. We have placed cross-provincial and cross-national indicators on adjacent pages; the reader should note that these numbers sometimes come from different sources, and they are not always strictly comparable. We also provide trend graphs where data was available.

IHE in your pocket health expenditure image

Figure 1: Health care expenditure per capita, selected OECD countries, 2015
Graph available on page 5 of IHE In Your Pocket 2017

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Publication Type: Statistics Handbooks

Year of Publication: 2017

Topics: Health Economics / Healthcare Costs

ISBN (print): 978-1-926929-78-1

ISBN (online): 978-1-926929-79-8

ISSN: 2369-6427

ISSN (online): 2369-6435