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IHE in your pocket (2006)

This is the first edition of IHE In Your Pocket. This chart book is designed to be an easy reference guide to indicators of Canadian health care economic performance.

Economic is broadly defined to include both means (personal and formal resources) and ends (health outcomes). The chart book is intended to provide the user with a concise, accessible, and reasonably comprehensive overview of how we use health resources, and how well we use them.

NOTE: In 2006 the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research HTA unit moved to IHE. Documents produced in and prior to 2006 have different formats; the format was determined by the agency for which the document was produced.

Publication Type: Statistics Handbooks

Year of Publication: 2006

Topics: Health Economics / Healthcare Costs

ISBN (print): 0-9780024-0-7

ISBN (online): 978-1-926929-51-4